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Thomas Valentino was a husband, father, grandfather, and great friend to each person in his life. He spent his life living it to the fullest by doing what truly made him happy. Even in his final days, Tom would read many books about history and cherish watching his cowboy movies. He was a strong role model, never hesitating to help those in need by using his talents of building and antique furniture restoration. Thomas Valentino’s presence was cherished by each and every person who knew him. He sadly passed away Sunday night, peacefully in his sleep and will be deeply missed by all the people whose lives he touched. Thomas Valentino was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1939 to Joseph and Ora Valentino. He was raised with his brothers, Joseph and Vincent Valentino, and his sister, Geraldine Valentino Carrion. Tom married Florence Miller and they had two children, Erica and Jonathan.

Throughout his life, he touched many peoples’ hearts with his generous deeds. He spent most of his career in the supermarket business. He worked at the Flatbush Food Coop for many years as the manager. While working at the Flatbush Food Coop, he would devote his time to ensuring that all the costumers were happy and he always created a welcoming environment. Even as he grew older, Tom continued to do what was best for others. During the fall season, he would donate pumpkins for the Pre-K children at his grandchildren’s elementary school, Sacred Heart. At Christmas, he dressed as Santa and visited his grandchildren's classrooms. He also used his talents to restore a statue of Mary for the school. Each Sunday, he and Florence would attend Mass together. Before Mass, Tom would welcome each parish member to the Church. Each deed that he committed was always appreciated. Thomas Valentino is an inspiration to others of the lasting benefits that come from living a generous life.

Tom had many hobbies. Throughout the day, he could be found working in his basement on anything from creating a scale model of his house to repairing and restoring old pieces of furniture from his neighbors and even the local high school. This included the beautiful clothing hamper he made for his daughter, Erica, and the original library circulation desk at Midwood High School. In addition, he would restore and furnish old doll houses for others.

Tom had a great talent for working with his hands. He knew how to fix the plumbing and electric. When his daughter hoped to remodel her bathroom, Tom came to her home each Saturday to work with his son-in-law, Eric. The end result was beautiful and it would not have been possible without his guidance.

During the summer, his wife, children, and grandchildren would gather at the house for dinner usually made by his son, Jonathan. Many memories were made during the time with his family. For example, when there would be corn for dinner, he and his grandchildren would shuck the corn together outside, in his beautiful vegetable garden.

Tom always enjoyed reading. He was fascinated by world history and read hundreds of books about it. He could talk about history and knew it like the back of his hand, especially the history of Brooklyn. During the days, he would sit in his chair in the den, watching his cowboy movies for hours. At the end of each day, he and his wife, Florence would sit together, watching Jeopardy at 7:00 each night. Within the half hour, Tom could answer many questions with his great knowledge of history.

Even in his final days, Thomas Valentino always had the best interest of other at heart. For many years he struggled with diabetes, and in the last few months, needed to receive kidney dialysis three times a week. During the dangerous time of Covid-19, it was not safe for him to receive dialysis without the proper precautions. However, it was always his main concern that his loved ones were not affected by any germs he might bring home. Tom spent his whole life putting others before himself and was selfless. He is a role model to his children and grandchildren to live a generous life.

Thomas Valentino lived his life out to the fullest. May he rest in peace in Heaven. His time on Earth and the many lessons he taught of the importance of generosity will always be remembered. Tom touched many people’s lives and he will always remain in their hearts.


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