Ana Lizette Rivera

Ana Lizette Rivera was an incredibly fierce and intelligent woman who loved her kids, her cats, and good food more than anything in the world. She was an artist, an Army Veteran, an avid reader of science fiction, a proud democrat, and a lover of music all its forms.

Ana is survived by her husband Robert Rivera, her only sister Eneida Ayala-Macias, and her father Miguel Ayala. She leaves behind six children, ten grandchildren, and two great grand-children: 

Her daughter Jessica Ann Rivera and grandchildren Cam’Ron Tait, Kymora Tait, Jaidyn “Kitty” Tait, Kieran “Squishy” Tait, Kaidence Frazier and her great-grandchildren Tay’Vonte “Tay-Tay” Tait and Za’Rina “Zazi” Tait,

Her daughter Shevonne Johnson-Rivera and grandchildren Daemion and Lily Johnson,

Her daughters Christine Sylvana Rivera and Iris Alexis Rivera,
Her daughter Rachel Celeste Rivera and grandchildren Olivia “Livie” Rivera-Figueroa, Andre “Chunky” Peters and Jeremiah “Jerri”  Peters,

Her youngest and only son, Alexander Robert Rivera,

And her beloved fur baby, Jack Ayala-Rivera.