Gordon Scott

Obituary of Gordon Scott

Gordon Leonard Scott, also known as Dad, Papa, and Uncle Lenny. What can I say about Gordon Leonard Scott that he already hasn't said about himself. When he was young he was a great baseball player. So good that his 90 mile an hour fast ball got him signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers farm team. He was not only outstanding at playing baseball, but watching it as well, which led him to the positions of baseball Scout for the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves. 

When his career as a baseball player didn't come to be, he began selling magazine subscriptions a job that definitely worked out for him. He built a magazine Empire and went from Rags to Riches, all from selling magazine subscriptions. He was an excellent salesman, he had to be, he worked on commission only, received no salary, no pension and no health benefits. He was one of this those salesman who could sell ice to Eskimos.

He was an honest caring and generous person who always gave to anyone who needed some extra Financial support knowing that he would never be paid back. 

He was an extremely ambitious person who needed to have everything done immediately, which probably helped him to become a big success, who was the great dad and a devoted husband, with a witty sense of humor, who provided all of the Comforts of life for his family. He will be forever in our minds and hearts, and truly missed.

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